TOP 10

Instead of the suggested entry for the journal, I am writing a short summary . I think I have already answered the guide questions on my previous post “How I failed to Learn and to Teach”. Writing again on the same thoughts would be redundant and I don’t find the motivation to write my views about it.  I would also like to take this opportunity to show my appreciation to everyone who have made this course a wonderful learning experience.

The following are the top 10 lessons I learned in this class:

  1. We have different types of learner with different styles of learning.
  2. Reinforcements help to increase desired behaviour while punishment decreases undesired one. Capital punishment can lead to psychological trauma later in the student life.
  3. Students should learn how to take responsibility of their own learning and behavior. Thinking about one’s thinking is another skill that is valuable to learners to develop.
  4. Lessons should be aligned with students developmental age and curriculum should address age-appropriate activities.
  5. Learning is active rather passive and it takes time.
  6. The role of teachers is to facilitate learning.
  7. Learning to work well with others develops not only emotional intelligence but also students learn from each other.
  8. Elaborate to processing information deeply.
  9. Develop HOTs rather rote memorization.
  10. Enjoy and have fun in learning. 

Sa lahat na nagging bahagi ng aking mahirap at masalimuot pero magsayang paglalakbay sa kursong ito, maraming maraming  salamat po!


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